Day 7 ( Friday, 31/01/14) – Our 2 weeks backpacking adventure continued, now to the South of Thailand on the Andaman Sea. We flew from Chiang Mai to the large Island of Phuket. From the Airport in Phuket we took a minibus to Patong Beach, arriving at our hotel tired and hungry at about, Read More

Day 6 (30/01/2014) – Our last full day in Chiang Mai. I told my sister Angelita, before our trip to Thailand, that I would love any opportunity to spend time with elephants at an elephant sanctuary. We had not pre-booked anywhere to see elephants, so it was hard to find a place that was, Read More

    As we waited for our sleeper train to Chiang Mai, at Bangkok Station, we felt for the first time like we were realĀ backpackers! We heard that train travel in Thailand is easy, comfortable, inexpensive, and is the best way to see some of the Thai countryside. We booked a first class ticket., Read More

My husband Brian and I travelled to Thailand on the 24/02/2014 for a 2 weeks backpacking holiday, that would start in Bangkok and on to Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ko Phi Phi and then back again to Bangkok for a day before our flight home. This was our first ever backpacking holiday and also, Read More

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending” – Carl Bard The last weekend of August/2013, I travelled to London to visit my friend Charlotte, who has recently started a “new life” in the English capital. She has recently ended a relationship of, Read More

In October 2013 we spent a week with our friends Mark and Marion at their apartment in Side, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Mark and Marion have a lovely, comfortable, 4 bedrooms apartment with sea views. We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets from the balcony and the mountains behind the sea were the perfect, Read More

          We visited Tobago in March/2013, following a very hard winter in the UK, with some of the lowest temperatures on record. We left our son James in charge of the house and strict instructions to use his time wisely and revise for his impending A Level exams. As our, Read More

When I mentioned to my friends I was going to Florence in February, many looked at me in horror and one friend also said “what? Tuscany in the winter? It does not sound right”. Think of Tuscany and you will immediately imagine sunshine, wine, good food and people walking around in shorts and t-shirts., Read More


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