We visited Tobago in March/2013, following a very hard winter in the UK, with some of the lowest temperatures on record. We left our son James in charge of the house and strict instructions to use his time wisely and revise for his impending A Level exams.

As our plane landed in Tobago, following a 9 hours flight from London, we stepped out of the plane to a warm sunshine and a landscape that looked lush and bright.

From the airport we went to pick up our hired car, a Jeep, 4 wheel drive, that proved to be the right choice for us. Driving was easy as being a former colony they drive on the same side of the road as we do in the UK (and petrol is ridiculously cheap too!) read more

When I mentioned to my friends I was going to Florence in February, many looked at me in horror and one friend also said “what? Tuscany in the winter? It does not sound right”.

Think of Tuscany and you will immediately imagine sunshine, wine, good food and people walking around in shorts and t-shirts. I can confirm we had it all, but the latter.


It was a special occasion, a surprise birthday treat for my husband Brian. He knew we were travelling somewhere in Europe and winter clothes would be necessary, but he did not know where. He only found out the destination on the way to the airport. read more


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