I am writing this post from my new home. We moved here only a few days ago, just in time for Christmas. Perhaps not surprisingly Brian and I had underestimated how hard it was going to be, this whole process of downsizing house malarkey. Thinking about not only the logistics and practicalities that took many months of planning, the financial implications but also and perhaps the hardest challenge was the emotional rollercoaster of closing a life chapter. It was harder than we thought to let go of the memories that we had associated with our home. read more

I first downsized my life almost 30 years ago. The impetus of being young and single, a bit of cash in my pocket, a backpack full of dreams and a taste for adventure was all I needed back then. Fast forward a lifetime lived in a first world country full of the trappings of a capitalist society, how easy is it to downsize my current lifestyle? What are the compromises my husband and I are prepared to make to design the future life we want to live?

We have been pondering these questions for some time now, as the clock ticks on eating into minutes, days, months and years; making us realise that a big chunk of our lives is now over and we are not getting any younger. We most certainly have lived more than fifty percent of our life expectancy and no doubt the most healthy years of our lives. A huge chunk of a life spent working, earning money and accumulating stuff that now feels like a pile of clutter and things we no longer need. It is often so ingrained into our brains to believe that progress is directly related to bigger, better…more is more… that downsizing can feel like going backwards. read more


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