Day 7 ( Friday, 31/01/14) – Our 2 weeks backpacking adventure continued, now to the South of Thailand on the Andaman Sea. We flew from Chiang Mai to the large Island of Phuket.

From the Airport in Phuket we took a minibus to Patong Beach, arriving at our hotel tired and hungry at about 4 pm. Also annoyed with the mini bus driver, for stopping randomly at a place where they were clearly keen to sell excursions etc. to all of us when all we wanted was to be taken to our hotels with no hassle. But in Thailand, you have to learn that this kind of thing is not unusual and entrepreneurial schemes designed to get you parted with your hard earned cash is a common theme and perhaps something we should just accept and go along with it, without stressing out, since we all need to earn a living. Looking back I think it was just bad timing, we were not in the mood to buy anything at that point. read more


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