Pigeon Point - Tobago

Pigeon Point – Tobago

17/02/15  to  03/03/15 – Standing on our hotel balcony and looking across to a sea view made up of blue skies, coconut trees, and a pleasant sea breeze, we are so happy to be back in Tobago. It feels like an old friend. Brian and I visited this Caribbean Island in March/2013 for a one week holiday, but this time we will stay for 2 weeks and we are not alone, we have travelled here with our friends Mark and Marion.

The winter in the UK had taken its toll on us, we were both badly needing sunlight, we were also exhausted with our work commitments. Although I love my job as a Dietitian working for the NHS it can be very hard at times. Anyone who works for the health services will certainly understand how working looking after people with chronic conditions and some who are terminally ill can be very rewarding but also charged with ups and downs and emotionally draining. It reminds me every day that life is short and I should never take my health for granted. read more



We visited Tobago in March/2013, following a very hard winter in the UK, with some of the lowest temperatures on record. We left our son James in charge of the house and strict instructions to use his time wisely and revise for his impending A Level exams.

As our plane landed in Tobago, following a 9 hours flight from London, we stepped out of the plane to a warm sunshine and a landscape that looked lush and bright.

From the airport we went to pick up our hired car, a Jeep, 4 wheel drive, that proved to be the right choice for us. Driving was easy as being a former colony they drive on the same side of the road as we do in the UK (and petrol is ridiculously cheap too!) read more


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